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Molly and Jim Crane said:   March 29th, 2014

When can we get them in Texas? Great luck on your venture.

David Hopkins said:   January 15th, 2013

Great site

Robin Fitzgerald said:   January 11th, 2013

Parmesan garlic are my absolute favorite. Even as I type this, my fingertips are covered with the tasty toppings from these delicious chips. There's no hiding my addiction!  Please never stop making these chips. I can handle Twinkies going away, but do not take away my Chipz Happen!

Bruce Hafer said:   December 14th, 2012

For years Dee Dee has sent us off on our guy's only Lake Powell trip, each with our own bag of her gourmet chips. More than once we have found our bag missing or empty in it's hiding place.

Moral: Can we have 2 bags each next year? Skip, Bruce, Mike, Mike, Gary and Uncle Bill

Ross U said:   December 8th, 2012

The Chipz Happen was amazing!!! I liked the parmesan flavored one but I  loved the spicy one. I don't think I have had better chips in my live.  The first time I ate one I got so addicted that I didn't even realize I 
ate the whole bag, and that's unusual because normally I don't usually  eat much. I could live off this food forever.

Forest H said:   December 8th, 2012

Chipz are the best tortilla chips i have ever had, i cant wait till you make more flavors, we never know what is coming. chipz make a great snack and appetizer for anyone from 7 to 80 years old. keep on making 
these chipz hope they go big.

Forest H said:   December 8th, 2012

Chipz have that blast of flavor and make the perfect snack or appetizer. i cant wait till more flavors come out and i cant wait to  devour some more. these chipz make me feel like the day has just begin but it really hasn't. Keep it up! :D

Susan said:   December 6th, 2012

These chips are BUSTING with flavor.  Crispy, the perfect amount of seasoning, and addicting.  What more can you want from a chip.

Grace Benniefield said:   December 4th, 2012

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  I have been a chip Lover for Many, Many years and when you told me about  “Chipz Happen” brand I was thinking……. I’ll try them but how can they compare to what’s out there now??  BOY, was I Wrong!!  When you open the bag you can smell the Immense flavor….  What really 
got me was that every tortilla chip look and taste like they were individually seasoned,  Which makes them more appealing to the eye when consumed.   

I espeically like the fact that they come in several different flavors.   These tortilla chips are so delicious  you don’t even need salsa!!  I will recommend these tortilla chips to all my friends and family……Big Smiles, Gr@ce

Linda Seltzer said:   December 4th, 2012

WOW. These are good.  I have the spicy ones here.  I must have taken the other bag home.   I love the Bite it has. Wishing you much success with the product in the new year.  Thank you for the samples.  Sorry it took this long for me to open them….  Linda G. Seltzer

​Jackie Miserany said:   December 4th, 2012

Chipz Happen gourmet tortilla chips are the best thing to happen to snacking since the invention of the chip clip! Their delicious flavors and homemade-style goodness will leave you licking your fingers in 
delight. I like pairing the hot Spice-z flavor with a cool guacamole, and the Parmesan & Garlic flavor goes great with bean dip, salsa, or simply on their own.
xo Jackie

Jennifer Pagano said:   November 28th, 2012

I'm writing to let you know that the chipz are so good and you can't just eat one. I love them so much that I had them at my wedding alongside a taco bar. Perfect and delicious:)

Chathri Ali said:   November 28th, 2012

chipz Happen Parmesan Chips are addicting and full of flavor! The quality of the chips and attention to tasty ingredients make this a must have on game day or during birthday parties. You will go through one 
bag very quickly, so buy bags in multiples!

Chathri Ali said:   November 28th, 2012 chipz Happen Parmesan Chips are addicting and full of flavor! The quality of the chips and attention to tasty ingredients make this a must have on game day or during birthday parties. You will go through one bag very quickly, so buy bags in multiples! Tracy Hageman said:   November 28th, 2012 I am a salt lover, not a sweet lover and these chips satisfy my craving for salty chips: they are absolutely over the moon amazing, with guacamole! The best part about them, for a person with Celiac Disease, is that they are GLUTEN FREE!!!! One of my favorite stories is from Memorial Weekend when I bought 4 bags, for about 8 people. You would have thought it was enough, but we were out in about an hour and everyone was asking if there were morechips! A great response from guests when hosting, but I laughed because I always know I won't have enough; they are amazing! Here is to another bag! Ron said:   November 28th, 2012 I LOVE your new garlic chips. Those are just amazing. I wish you all the best. I think you are going to be famous Hunter said:   November 28th, 2012 Best darn chips that I ever tasted. I just cannot stop eating them. Perfect with dips, sandwiches and more, these chips receive a 10 score. M. McGee said:   November 28th, 2012 I could live on chips and salsa. Chips and salsa are my most favorite food in the world. I could have chips and salsa for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The first time I had the chipz Happen Parmy chipz, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. I am embarrassed when I eat them, because I eat soooo many. I can't stop. I eat some, and then eat some more. I tell myself... Just one more... Then I finish the bag. I have had the pleasure of eating these fantastic chipz for several years now. Every time I eat them, it's like the first time. I have friends who feel the same way. When we talk about these chipz, we all have a glazed look in our eyes and can't wait to EAT MORE. I want some NOW!!! Kim Pendergrass said:   November 28th, 2012 We tried both chipz Happen and both flavors are wonderful. I think the Spice-z is my personal favorite. The Parmesan Garlic is such a different texture and taste, they just might be addicting. I can't wait to get some more. They are such a new twist on Tortilla Chipz. Thanks for the best chips I have ever tasted!!!

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Penny Thomas said:  Dec. 24, 2014

Every Halloween Dee Dee would make a big batch of chili, salad & of course her chips. She would bring all of this to her daughter's home to share with everyone. My husband & I are lucky to live across from her daughter & son in law & looked so forward to this each year. We all enjoyed this for so many years & told her she needed to get these chips out in the markets so everyone could enjoy them. I'm so happy that everyone else can experience how yummy they are. I am sad that now she's so busy we don't get her yummy food at Halloween. Thanks for being such a great cook & congrats that all your hard work is being enjoyed by so many! Great memories!

Jeff Davids said:   July 31st, 2014
WIth all these great testimonials, it makes me want to try those chipz!

N.L. said:   March 30th, 2014

My husband is a retired professional athlete who has eaten chips in clubhouses everywhere and he got yours in a gift bag at one of his charity golf events and declared" the best ever" so had to find out more. A chip is not just a chip and these chips are incredible. Definitely worth it to find them, eat them and smile!  Thanks again and the best of luck. You need to go on Shark Tank!

Ken Krause said:   March 29th, 2014
Great site to match your chipz!

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